Helpful information for those graduating at General Admission in June, applying for Management Studies, or currently studying Engineering, Mfg Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Mathematics in the third year.

If you are considering a fourth year option (part III) or if you are on a four year integrated Masters course i.e. NatSci and Engineering, you will not automatically be put forward for the ceremony this July.  However, if you do not wish to proceed to a fourth year or your grades may not be acceptable for the next level of studies, it is important that you contact so that you can be included in the Ceremony, even as just a precaution. 

Once you are added to the Ceremony, it is easy to remove you up until the last minute, however, it is not possible to add you to the ceremony once the deadline has passed, so please keep in touch with me about any concerns you may have or to talk through your options.

Information for your Diary

To assist with planning for the Graduation Ceremony you may find the following information useful for travel and holiday arrangements for you and your guests, all the dates are correct, however, the times are an approximation and may vary slightly:

Thursday 1 July

11am - 2pm             Group and Individual Photo’s

2:30pm to 3:45pm   Rehearsal

6:15pm                    Graduation Service

7pm                         Pre-Dinner Drinks then Dinner in Hall

Friday 2 July

Exact timings for graduation day will be determined once the University has provided colleges with additional information.

TBC                         Arrival and preparation for procession to Senate House

TBC                         Graduands walk in procession to Senate House

TBC                         Admission to degrees

TBC                         Graduation Buffet

Registering for Graduation and the Graduation Ceremony

The University deadline for sign-up is Monday 31 May.  To register, log on to CamSIS and select ‘Graduation > Apply for Graduation’.  Subsequent steps are self-explanatory.  You will be asked:

·        whether you wish to receive your degree in person or in absence (you will not be able to fill in the “guests” box, as no guests are allowed at the ceremony)

·        whether you wish to attend the graduation dinner (Undergraduates only) (Graduate students taking their degree at General Admission will receive a separate invitation from the Graduate Tutors).

·        If you wish to attend the Graduation Buffet with up to 2 guests.

The graduation ceremony will take place in the Senate-House; no guests will be allowed in the building or grounds, but they will be welcome to wait for your return in the college gardens.

Graduation Photo and Rehearsal

Graduands must arrive for the Photo and Rehearsal dressed as if ready for graduation on Friday (see below).  A Graduation Photo of all graduands, with the Master and other College Officers, will be taken in the Fellows’ Garden on Thursday 1st July.  There will also be an opportunity for individual photos, for those who wish.  In the mid-afternoon the Praelector will conduct a dress check of each individual graduand, and a full Graduation Rehearsal in the Fellows Garden (no guests).  You will receive a group time in due course.

Graduation Ceremony and Live Streaming

Due to COVID Restrictions, no guests will be allowed in Senate House or its grounds.  The University plans to live stream the event.  Your guests are welcome to view the ceremony on their own telephones in the College Gardens, where refreshments and seating will be provided; we also hope to show the ceremony on display screens in Hall: capacity will be limited, and further details on how to book places will follow closer to the time.

Graduation Dress

The University has strict requirements for graduation, concerning both academical dress (gowns and hoods) and the clothes worn with it.  Please consult carefully the Dress Regulations for detailed information. 

Please note that you will need to collect your academical dress on the afternoon of Wednesday 30 June or first thing in the morning of Thursday 1 July, ready for the Graduation Photo and Rehearsal on Thursday afternoon. I will also send information from Ryder and Amies, with whom the College have an agreement for a 1 day hire for the 2-day period.

Graduation Dinner

Please note, guests are not permitted to the Undergraduate Graduation Dinner due to numbers and the limited capacity of Hall.

Undergraduate Graduands’ Dinner

Date:   Thursday 1 July

Time:  7.00 pm          Pre-dinner drinks in the Cloister Court.

            7.30 pm         Hall

Dress: Evening Dress and Lounge Suits.  Gowns will be worn.

Graduate Graduands’ Dinner

Date:   Tuesday 29 June

Time:  7.00 pm          Pre-dinner drinks in the Cloister Court.

            7.30 pm         Hall

Dress: Evening Dress and Lounge Suits.  Gowns will be worn.

Graduation Buffet

The Master and Mrs Penty cordially invite you and your graduation guests to a buffet after the ceremony, in the Fellows’ Garden.  The Fellows, and many members of the College staff, who have supported you through your time at Sidney will join the party to celebrate your graduation and your time at Sidney, and to wish you well for the future.

Letter from the Master and your University Transcript

Once you have graduated you will receive:

  • Your University Transcript - usually by the end of July, however, please note that there could be some delay during 2021, although we will keep you updated.

  • A letter from The Master.

Please update your 'First Destination' address in CamSIS, if you do not do this, the College will send these documents to the last known home address on CamSIS which may delay any applications that require proof of your degree.  Please update your address and email by the 30 June.

This information will also be passed onto the Development Office who will keep you regularly updated with Alumni Events and information on returning for your M.A. degree (where applicable).

Please note that your @cam email closes approximately 21 days after you graduate.

College Bill

All debts to the University must be settled in full before a student can graduate. The Student Finance Manager will write to you before the end of Lent Term with further details of your final term’s College Bill.