The College community rests on everybody's dignity. Mutual respect and consideration are key; formal rules express our shared commitment.

White Book

Rules of all levels (Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations), which govern the relationship between the College and its students, have been consolidated into one document for ease of consultation: this is known as the The White Book: A Compilation of Student Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations and it can be accessed on our Publications and Governance page.

By matriculating, each Sidney fresher undertakes to respect the rules contained in the White Book, as well as those governing the University.  Your Tutor, any other member of the Pastoral Team, and your student representatives in SSCSU, can all be consulted for explanation and advice.

Policies of particular interest to students

  • Confidentiality guidance
  • Complaints Discipline
  • Fitness to study
  • Harassment and sexual misconduct
  • Intermission
  • Procedure in case of unsatisfactory academic performance (other than failure in examination)
  • Student welfare

Undergraduate student handbook

A practical guide to the main people, facilities, and processes of the College. Download undergraduate student handbook (PDF).


Accommodation handbook

A useful guide to the following:

  • Room allocations
  • Student rooms
  • Security Domestic facilities and services
  • Health and safety Maintenance and repair regimes
  • Environmental issues

Download accommodation handbook (PDF).