Sidney Sussex was founded thanks to a bequest from Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex, in 1596. Over the centuries, many other benefactors have left money to the College to enable it to continue offering exceptional opportunities to students and academics.

Leaving a legacy to Sidney, after looking after your loved ones, is one of the easiest ways to make a meaningful contribution to the future of the College and its community.

How to leave a gift in your Will

There are a number of ways in which you can remember Sidney Sussex in your Will:

  • Leave a fixed sum (pecuniary)
  • Leave a gift of all or part of the net residue of your estate that remains once you have provided for your loved ones (residuary)
  • Offer part of your estate should any one of your beneficiaries predecease you (conditional)
  • Leave your assets with a trustee, so that family and loved ones benefit during their lifetime, before passing on the remainder to the College once they have all died (reversionary)
  • Leave a specific or non-cash gift, such as a work of art, shares or property

You can choose to benefit the College in a specific way that reflects your own interests and priorities, such as supporting bursaries and access, academic research or extra-curricular endeavours; or you may wish to leave an unrestricted legacy which can be used where the College’s need is greatest.

Whether drawing up a new Will or making an amendment to an existing one, we highly recommend that you seek advice from a solicitor on the best way to record your intentions. 

As Sidney is a registered charity, any bequest you make will be exempt from inheritance tax if you are a UK tax-payer.

Remembering Sidney in your Will

Recognising your support

Legators who inform us of their intention to remember Sidney in their Will are invited to join the Lady Frances Sidney Circle. To thank this special group of people, we hold an annual lunch at the College that allows us to recognise your wonderful support during your lifetime. For those of you in the USA who are considering benefiting the College in your planned giving, you can do so without any loss of tax efficiency through Cambridge in America, which in addition to giving membership of the Lady Frances Sidney Circle, also makes you eligible to join the 1209 Society. Membership of either group is optional. 

What to do if you're thinking of leaving a legacy?

If you are thinking of leaving a gift to the College in your Will and have a specific question, please do contact us. We will be pleased to discuss the terms of your gift to ensure we can faithfully carry out your wishes, within the scope of what is possible.

You will need to use the College's full name and charity number: The College of the Lady Frances Sidney Sussex in the University of Cambridge. Registered Charity Number: 1137586

Having knowledge of any bequests helps the College with long term planning. If you would like to let us know about your planned legacy pledge, please fill out this quick and easy form.

Legacy pledge form



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