Congregations are held throughout the year and useful information relating to these can be found below.

Ceremony dates 2020 - 21
The dates and format are subject to change depending on development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  • Saturday 24 October 2020 (In absence only)
  • Saturday 28 November 2020 (In absence only)
  • Saturday 30 January 2021 (In absence only)
  • Saturday 27 February 2021 (In absence only) (Open for booking - closing date 18/02/2021)
  • Friday 26 March 2021 (Cancelled)
  • Saturday 27 March 2021 (In absence only) (Open for booking - closing date 18/03/2021)
  • Friday 9 April 2021 (Cancelled)
  • Saturday 1 May 2021 (M.A. Degree Ceremony followed by Graduation High Tea and 2020 MA cohort reunion dinner) - update: changed to in absence only (it is with great regret that we will therefore have to cancel the associated MA reunion dinner. The Development and Membership Office will contact those affected with further information as soon as they are able to do so.)
  • Friday 21 May 2021 (M.A. Degree Ceremony followed by Graduation High Tea and 2021 MA cohort reunion dinner) - update: cancelled (it is with great regret that we will therefore have to cancel the associated MA reunion dinner. The Development and Membership Office will contact those affected with further information as soon as they are able to do so.)
  • Saturday 22 May 2021 - in absence only (open for booking - closing date 13 May 2021)
  • Friday 2 July 2021 (General Admission) - This Congregation is reserved as a day of General Admission for the presentation of candidates for 'first' degrees; BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only.
  • Saturday 17 July 2021 (extra occasion – graduation celebration for 2020 undergraduate cohort)
  • Friday 23 July 2021 (followed by Graduation Dinner) (Open for booking - closing date Friday 9am 09/07/2021 - Contact
  • Saturday 31 July 2021 (followed by Graduation Dinner) (extra occasion - graduation celebration for 2020 postgraduate cohort) (Open for booking - closing date 9am Friday 16/07/2021 - Contact

For further information on graduation please see the University of Cambridge Graduation web page.

Arranging your graduation

Postgraduate Students

Graduands (those about to be admitted to a degree) should arrange their graduation through CamSIS self-service at least three weeks before the intended ceremony date.

If you completed your course a while ago and cannot access CamSIS self-service, follow this link to the Extended Self-Service (ESS).

  • MPhil students must have received confirmation on CamSIS of Faculty Degree approval.
  • PhD students must have received confirmation on CamSIS of approval by the Board of Graduate Studies. Students on other courses will need to confirm their eligibility with the Student Registry before booking.

Please be aware that a condition for graduation is that all University bills must have been paid in full.

The booking form will include the following for you to opt in or out of:

  • Christian Trinitarian formula. The degree ceremony incorporates the Christian Trinitarian formula, meaning that degrees are conferred 'In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit'.
  • ‘In Nomine Dei’ (In the name of God), can be used instead of the Trinitarian formula.
  • Kneeling. Those who do not wish to kneel may opt out.
  • In person or in absence. If you decide to take your degree in absence, you still need to make a formal application to graduate through your self-service. Everyone who graduates will receive an official degree transcript, normally within six weeks of the Congregation.

Undergraduate students (BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only)

You will generally collect your degree at the end of your final year, at General Admission. This takes place near the end of June, and details are circulated to eligible students by the Tutorial Assistant during Lent Term.  If you decide not to graduate at General Admission and you would like to take part in an alternative congregation listed above, please contact the Postgraduate Office Administrator for details on how to apply.

College hospitality

Please see the list of dates for details.

Graduation High Tea

Whats included:

  • a glass of sparkling wine
  • sandwiches
  • cakes and scones
  • various other items
  • tea and coffee

Charge to graduands: No Charge

Guests: £21.00 per head

The time and venue of the High Tea will vary according to the day's timetable, but is likely to be at 3.00pm.

Graduation Dinner

Three courses, with tea and coffee.

Wine for the dinner may be purchased by graduands from the College Buttery, from 6.00 p.m, (cash only).

No wine or other alcohol may be brought in from outside the College.

Graduation Dinner is at 7.00 p.m. in Hall.  Bookings can only be taken when eligibility to graduate has been confirmed, and are taken on a 'first come, first served' basis, until the Hall limit is reached.

Graduands and Guest: £31.95 per head.

Dress for Graduation Dinner (graduands and their guests) is 'smart casual', gowns optional; however, it would nonetheless be entirely appropriate, and welcome, if a graduand wishes to attend in their graduation academical dress.


Please indicate the number of guest (with dietary requirements) when you book.

Payment for guests can be made by credit/debit card. Please contact the Tutorial and Student Finance Manager at least three weeks before the date of your graduation in order to arrange this.

If you need to cancel any guest bookings, please inform the Praelector's Secretary at least 72 hours before the event.

Graduation day

Dress requirements

There are strict University Regulations concerning correct dress at graduation. The regulations cover both formal academical dress (gowns and hoods) and the clothing suitable to wear with it.

Please refer to the University guidelines on Academical Dress.


The schedule for each Congregation is finalised by the University a week before the event, exact timings are circulated to graduands on the Monday preceding the Saturday Congregation.


This is held in Chapel in the morning (guests are welcome when there is space).  Graduands should attend the rehearsal fully dressed for the degree ceremony.  Dress will be checked by the Praelector, and any errors will need to be corrected before graduands may proceed to the Senate-House.


The Praelector will lead a small procession of graduands from the Porters' Lodge to their degrees.  The time varies for each Congregation but usually falls between 12pm and 4pm.

Each new graduate leaves by the Doctors' Door (leading down into Senate-House Passage), receiving their degree certificate en route, and then awaits their fellow graduates and guests on the Senate House lawn.  Guests will need to remain in the Senate House until the end of the session.  Photographs and other memorabilia may be purchased at marquees hosted by University staff.

New graduates and their guests may then attend the Graduation High Tea or Dinner at the College.


Guests are not permitted to take photographs inside the Senate-House. The moment of graduation is captured in a photograph which may be purchased after the ceremony.

Senate House Ceremony Photographs

If you have any queries, please contact Postgraduate Office Administrator.


Guests at Graduation

You  may bring up to three guests to the Senate-House (this does not apply to MA graduands), and tickets should be requested at the time of booking.  It is sometimes possible to provide a small number of extra tickets, although this can only be confirmed a week before the ceremony. Graduands receiving their MA may bring up to two guests to the Senate-House.

Guest tickets for the ceremony must be collected from the Porters' Lodge on the day of graduation. Guests need to leave Sidney, to take their places in the Senate-House before the procession leaves College.

There is very little shelter near the Senate House, guests are advised to make adequate provision for wet weather.  The ceremony is not suitable for children under seven due to noise and safety regulations.  Noisy children will be required to be removed from the Senate-House during the ceremony.

Guests who are members of the University may wish to wear a gown, although academic caps or bonnets should not be worn inside the Senate House.  Smart dress for a formal occasion is recommended.

Further details can be found on the University website.