All students and staff are provided with an account to use on the University's systems and services including wireless access, email, printing, and computing services.

Once student registration is complete, you will be assigned a University ID called your CRSid. This ID will be unique to you and is a combination of your initials and random numbers eg abc123.

You can use your CRSid to log in to many online services and university systems throughout your time here. It will form your Cambridge e-mail address and is used for all official correspondence from the College, your Department/Faculty, and elsewhere in the University.

You will have access to the following IT services:


Raven is the University-wide authentication service provided by the University Information Services (UIS). It provides a common way for people to log in to the University's online services, and to some of the additional resources that their College or Faculty has given them private access to. Some commonly used services that use Raven are CamSIS, Eduroam, Moodle and the University Library.

If you forget or would like to change your Raven password, see: I forgot or want to change my UIS password, how do I change it?.

Desktop services

University Information Services (UIS) provide students and staff with a Desktop Services (DS) account when they arrive at Cambridge. It provides access to a range of computing services, such as:

You can log in to any of these University Managed Desktop (UMD) workstations to access a wealth of software titles. Log in with your CRSid and UIS Password.

Sidney has a Computer Suite with 7 UMD computer's running Windows.

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See: Printing (DS-Print).

Microsoft account

All Cambridge students will have a University of Cambridge Microsoft account which includes email, calendar, contacts and a host of other online apps. You also get free access to Microsoft 365 for Education while you're an active member of the University.

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