Medicine undergraduate Clara Chen recently travelled to San Diego to attend the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference (AAIC) after being selected to present her research. A Sidney sponsorship and grant from the Royal Pathological Society helped to facilitate the trip. Clara joins us here to fill us in about the Conference.

Tell us more about the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference (AAIC), and why you decided to go along!

Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference (AAIC) is the world’s largest conference on dementia, bringing together world-leading scientists and clinicians. With over 10,000 attendees, I decided to go to this conference to discover more about the field of Alzheimer’s research as this is an area of neuroscience I am particularly interested in, as well as to present my own research. I submitted my work from the computational project I conducted in my remote internship with the University of Tokyo last summer, and my abstract was selected to be presented as a poster at the conference.

I am very thankful to Sidney Sussex College for sponsoring me to attend as well as receiving support from a grant from the Royal Pathological Society.

What did you take away from the experience?

I attended many of the plenary talks and keynote speeches, which introduced me to the cutting-edge research in this exciting field of neuroscience, from basic science to translational clinical applications. I also attended workshops for young scientists, where I learnt from experts on topics such as publishing, career progression and grant-funding. I was fortunate to meet a range of inspiring scientists and connect with like-minded individuals from across the world.

Have you thought about the career path you might like to take after your degree?

After completing my medical degree, I hope to become a clinical academic, combining my own research with clinical practice. I am excited to have the opportunity to establish my own research lab and contribute to the dynamic field of medical research.

Clara Chen at the 2022 AAIC in San Diego
Clara Chen at the 2022 AAIC in San Diego

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