An award ceremony took place earlier this month at Newnham College for all Pilkington Prize winners from the last few years, with the pandemic having halted the usual in-person celebrations. Dr Robbie Duschinsky, Fellow and Director of Studies at Sidney in Sociology, was there to celebrate his 2022 Prize.

The event was hosted by Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education), who explained that the 12 winners of the 2022 awards had been recognised for their “innovative, inspiring and inclusive approach.” Professor Virgo said: “Cambridge offers some of the world’s best research-led teaching, that is student-focused and tailored to the individual, balancing the large-scale, the technological and the new with the individual and tried-and-true methods. What stands out about the teachers we are celebrating today is that they share a gift for explaining complex subjects lucidly so as to make them clear and accessible – to students, and in many cases, through their outreach work, accessible to wider audiences as well.”

2022 Pilkington Prize winners standing in gardens of Newnham College. Image credit: Lloyd Mann/University of Cambridge

2022 Pilkington Prize winners standing in gardens of Newnham College. Dr Robbie Duschinsky is standing on the far left. Image credit: Lloyd Mann/University of Cambridge

The Pilkington Prize award is the University’s highest teaching award. Robbie was nominated for his inspiring undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for the School of Clinical Medicine, and the outstanding support he has provided to undergraduate students at Sidney in his capacities as supervisor and Director of Studies. Read more about Robbie being awarded the Prize in a Sidney feature published earlier this year.

The full list of this year’s prize winners and their achievements is available on CCTL Pilkington Prize.

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