Archaeology is a really small course so you’ll probably find yourself getting to know everyone who takes it really well, as well as making friends across subjects at Sidney. Sidney is a really lovely College, with a nice high wall to keep the tourists out, a fantastic bar, a close proximity to Sainsbury’s, and a generally wonderful and welcoming atmosphere. In first year you’ll be living with other freshers in one of a few sites across College and soon get to know everyone.

New students will choose four papers to take for the first year; you don't need to worry about deciding these now, because the choices aren’t final until the end of October (a few weeks after starting the course) and the Director of Studies will help you choose the ones that are right for you.

Depending on your papers, you’ll have about eight hours of lectures a week, alongside language classes or practicals which complement the lecture content. The Faculty is only around a 10-minute walk away. The lecturers are always happy to answer questions, and the lecture subjects are very engaging.

As well as these, you’ll also have supervisions organised by the Department. Scheduling can vary as they’re working around everyone’s availability, but you’ll usually have an average of 2-3 a week, each with one or two other students. For these you’ll be preparing language work or an essay in advance, which then form the base of your discussion with your supervisor. Although this can seem very daunting, it’s really one of the highlights of the learning experience here, and supervisors are very keen for you to learn lots. It’s the perfect time to ask questions more informally or clarify topics you might not understand.

I’m guessing you’ll probably be new to studying Archaeology, but please don’t worry about having much prior knowledge. Your lecturers and supervisors generally don’t assume much when teaching you, and they love to answer questions and feel like you’re learning lots.