Hey, I’m Lewis, a 2nd year mathmo from Pendle (near Burnley).

As Class Act officer, I’m responsible for making sure that students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds have a voice at Sidney – this includes, but isn’t limited to low-income, working class, and estranged students. Essentially, if you identify as Class Act, I’m one of your representatives for College.

There are many hurdles that Class Act students face within College and University, including having different backgrounds to your peers, lack of understanding, and lack of access to educational material at home, so if any of these issues or any other issues ever affect you as a student, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll do everything I can to communicate this to College staff. I’ll also be working with the Access Officer to offer help for Access Events, and I’m intending to also run social events throughout my term to ensure everyone feels welcome and has a place that they can express their identity openly.

Email: classact@sscsu.org.uk