Between 1990 and 2000, Max Beber was a Fellow of Selwyn College and consultant with J.F. Chown and Company Ltd London, advising on the interaction between prudential regulation and the corporate taxation of financial enterprises.

Since October 2000, Max has been a Fellow, Director of Studies, and Tutor at Sidney, taking up the position of Senior Tutor in August 2008. He has been an Affiliated Lecturer at the Centre of International Studies, and a Visiting Lecturer at ASERI (the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations of the Catholic University of Milan).

Publications, Links, and Resources

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(2004) "Britain and the Euro" in Kassim, Maulenov (ed.) _European and Kazakhstani Legal Systems: Questions of Legal Regulation_, Almaty, Kazhak Humanitarian and Law University, pp. 3-7.