Clive Wilmer is Emeritus Fellow in English at Sidney. His special interests reside in the areas of Victorian and Modernist poetry, as well as in Victorian aesthetics and social criticism, and he still teaches the First Year students for Practical Criticism.

The editor of Penguin selections of writings by John Ruskin (Unto this Last, and Other Writings) and William Morris (News from Nowhere, and Other Writings), he has written and lectured extensively on both Ruskin and Morris. From 2009 to 2019, he was the Master of the Guild of St George, the charity for arts, crafts and the rural economy founded by Ruskin in 1871.

He is the author of eight books of poetry, the most recent of which are his New and Collected Poems (Carcanet Press, 2012) and Urban Pastorals (2014). He is currently preparing a new collection.

In collaboration with the Hungarian poet and critic George Gömöri, he has published many translations of Hungarian poetry, including six books of them. In recognition of these, he was awarded: the Endre Ady Memorial Medal by the Hungarian PEN Club in 1998; the Pro Cultura Hungarica medal by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture in 2005; and in Budapest in 2018, he received the Janus Pannonius Prize for a lifetime’s achievement in translation from Hungarian.

At present he is involved in editing the works of the poet Thom Gunn for Faber & Faber. He has so far edited the Selected Poems (2017) and co-edited The Letters of Thom Gunn (2021). His edition of The Essays of Thom Gunn is expected in 2024.

He has contributed poems and articles to a wide range of newspapers and periodicals, including the Times Literary Supplement, PN Review and The London Magazine. He has also broadcast for the BBC and from 1989-91 was chief presenter for the series Poet of the Month on Radio 3; most of the interviews made for that programme were transcribed in his book Poets Talking (1994).

His many lectures both in Britain and overseas include: the Mikimoto Memorial Ruskin Lecture at Lancaster University (1996); the William Morris Birthday Lecture for the Friends of the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow (2014); the annual Ruskin Lecture for the Guild of St George (2019); and the first Ruskin Birthday Lecture at Notre Dame University, Indiana (2020). He has also organised conferences, symposia and colloquies. These include, at Sidney Sussex College in 2011, a conference for the quatercentenary of the King James Bible, and at the Museo Correr, Venice, in 2018, a symposium on Ruskin and Venice to accompany the exhibition John Ruskin: Le pietri di Venezia at the Ducal Palace there.

He has been an Honorary Fellow of Anglia Ruskin University, a Bye-Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, an Honorary Patron of the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, an Anniversary Fellow of Whitelands College, Roehampton University, and a Visiting Professor at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. In 2023 he will be presented with the annual Lifetime Achievement Award of the Ruskin Society of North America.

Main publications

  • The Dwelling-Place (1977). Poems.
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) Miklós Radnóti, Forced March: Selected Poems (1979)
  • Devotions (1982). Poems.
  • (as editor) Thom Gunn, The Occasions of Poetry: Essays in Criticism and Autobiography (1982)
  • (as editor) John Ruskin, Unto this Last, and Other Writings (1985)
  • A Catalogue of Flowers (1986). Poetry pamphlet.
  • Amores (1986). Poetry pamphlet.
  • (as editor) 'Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Selected Poems and Translations (1991)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) György Petri, Night Song of the Personal Shadow: Selected Poems' (1991)
  • Of Earthly Paradise (1992). Poems.
  • (as editor) William Morris, News from Nowhere and Other Writings (1993)
  • Poets Talking: The ‘Poet of the Month’ Interviews from BBC Radio 3 (1994)
  • Selected Poems (1995)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) George Gömöri, My Manifold City (1996)
  • (as editor with Charles Moseley) Cambridge Observed: An Anthology (1998)
  • (as editor) Donald Davie, With the Grain: Essays on Thomas Hardy and Modern British Poetry (1998)
  • (as editor with George Gömöri) The Life and Poetry of Miklós Radnóti: Essays (1999).
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) György Petri, Eternal Monday: New and Selected Poems (1999)
  • The Falls (2000). Poems.
  • (as editor) Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Selected Poems and Translations (2002)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) Miklós Radnóti, Forced March: Selected Poems. Revised and expanded edition (2003)
  • (as editor) Donald Davie, Modernist Essays: Yeats, Pound, Eliot (2004)
  • Stigmata (2005). Poetry pamphlet.
  • The Mystery of Things (2006). Poems
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) György (George) Gömöri, Versek Marinak / Poems for Mari (2006)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) George Gömöri, Polishing October (2008)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) János Pilinszky, Passio: Fourteen Poems (2011)
  • New & Collected Poems (2012)
  • (as translator with George Gömöri) George Gömöri, Polishing October (2013). Revised and expanded edition
  • A New Road on which the World should Travel’: John Ruskin, ‘The Nature of Gothic’ and William Morris (2014). Lecture booklet.
  • Urban Pastorals (2014). Poetry pamphlet.
  • Ruskin’s Language: How a Victorian Prophet Uses Words (2016). Lecture.
  • (as editor) Thom Gunn, Selected Poems (2017)
  • (as editor and, with George Gömöri, translator) Steep Path: Poems translated from Hungarian (2018)
  • What the Guild of St George Does: Reflections on Wealth and Life (2019). Lecture booklet.
  • (as editor with Michael Nott and August Kleinzahler) The Letters of Thom Gunn (2021).