After studying Classics at the University of Birmingham and months interrailing around Europe, a career in higher educational fundraising found me.

Thinking that I was going to do a Law conversion course, I stumbled upon an opportunity at Hertford College, Oxford; what was meant to be three days of data admin, turned into a ten-year period exploring various roles within the Development space.

Wanting to broaden my experience, I then led the fundraising operation for a New York based charity that had incorporated in the UK, named charity: water. The organisation raised money for water and sanitation projects across Africa and Asia. Owing to its unique and impactful model, it gave me greater exposure to the VC and entrepreneurship world - and I learnt a lot.

Oxford beckoned me home and most recently I have been Director of Fundraising at Saïd Business School where I was, and still am, a passionate advocate for business as a force for social justice.

So why higher education? I am the first generation of my family to go to university and have seen first-hand the power of education; I believe it’s a great equaliser. Also, I believe in the importance of research and teaching, and how it increases our knowledge of the world and enriches communities, providing new perspectives and impetus to effect positive change.

I am really looking forward to accelerating Sidney’s fundraising efforts and having an opportunity to meet the many alumni who make the College such a special place.

It’d be great to hear from you and please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.