SSCSU (Sidney Sussex College Students' Union) represents undergraduates at Sidney, whether through socials or broader student politics.

Get to know the committee

SSCSU JCR is made up entirely of students who get elected by the undergraduate body at Sidney to represent student interests at College, University, and sometimes national level.

The JCR is made up of lots of different positions to ensure the interests of all students are represented, the officers who do the most work on these are our 'Liberation Campaign' officers; Women's and Non-Binary Officer, BME Officer, LGBT+ Officer and Disabled Students' Officer. Although we all do different work around the Sidney community, we're united by our passion to make Sidney the best possible home for all its students. 

If you want to know more about our committee members, head to the SSCSU website!

What exactly do we do? 

SSCSU JCR represents students politically, whether this be in college level policy or at CUSU (Cambridge University Students' Union) Council. We're always consulting Sidneyites on what they want and how they feel about the decisions being taken across the University - we are a democratic institution, after all!

Our work starts before the next generation of Sidneyites even step foot in our hallowed halls, particularly with our access work. SSCSU's Access Officers are always working to make Sidney the most representative and accessible place to live and study - for both prospective students and current undergraduates. 

SSCSU JCR also provides all kinds of events throughout the academic calendar, some more serious than others. For example, our Academic Welfare Officer runs workshops on revision and exam preparation for first year students but our welfare team bring a host of bouncy castles to Sidney's gorgeous gardens once a year to combat any possible revision blues. We also have a dedicated Ents (Entertainments) team who organise bops (themed parties), silent discos (a much loved Sidney favourite), as well as chilled music nights in the Chapel and acoustic nights that play host to Sidney's musical talents. 

Bops and acoustic nights take place in Sidney Bar, affectionately called SidBar, which remains one of the only fully student run college bars in the University! 

Basically, SSCSU JCR tries to make every Sidneyite feel at home in college, in whichever way, shape or form! 

What's so good about SSCSU? 

We're all students who have been elected to do our roles, and a lot of us have a personal connection to our roles. We're a separate body from 'College', so we're able to represent student interests as a collective. 

As a result of being students, we're always around in College! Our emails are always open, and every issue is our kind of issue. 

We also think we're quite cool – some of the current committee have organised things such as Feminist Film Night, Beer of the Week, and SSCSU's Work/Life Playlist for all Sidney's revision needs.

We're always looking for feedback on our work and have a year round feedback mechanism where students can tell us what they'd like to see SSCSU doing.