Sidney Sussex College is an outstanding academic community in which to study law.

Important Note Concerning Interviews for 2024

Please note, all undergraduate admissions interviews at Sidney Sussex for the 2024-25 admissions round will be held online. Further details regarding interview platform will follow.

Sidney provides a warm and supportive environment, coupled with dedicated supervision teaching, and has produced eminent judges and practitioners for the past four hundred years.

The College has at any time about 20 undergraduates studying law, a substantial body of postgraduate students reading for the LL.M. or MCL, and Ph.D, and several law Fellows pursuing research and teaching. All come together to form a flourishing community dedicated to the academic study of law.

All law students have the use of the College's law library, are members of the College's Law Students' Society, and may become members of the Thornely Society, for law alumni, when they graduate. Students coming to Sidney thus become part of a valuable network of support and advice that continues beyond their graduation.

Undergraduate Study

Sidney is committed to providing the best possible environment for law students to excel. The College is responsible for the provision of the 'supervision' teaching for undergraduates: the teaching that takes place in very small groups for detailed discussion of material covered more broadly in the Faculty's lectures. The College prides itself on the quality of this teaching, and on the wider support available to the law students from the Directors of Studies in law.


In considering those who are made an offer of admission, the College looks only for potential academic strength in the study of law at Cambridge. We consider no other factors. We look for logical thinking; talent in writing, explaining, and arguing; and the capacity for intensive and sustained academic work. We look for evidence of such qualities in the educational record of applicants (considered within the context of the applicant's background), in admissions interviews, and in the LNAT.

It is not necessary that applicants have plans to become barristers or solicitors: we welcome applications from those intending to be practicing lawyers, from those intending to work in academia or public service, and indeed equally from those unsure about their further plans after graduation.

We know that many applicants will not have the opportunity to undertake placements in law firms or the equivalent before applying: such placements or work experience are in no way an admissions requirement or expectation.

Applicants may find it to their benefit to read a newspaper (many of which are available largely for free online: for example The Guardian, The Independent,  or The New York Times), paying particular attention to those stories that have a legal angle. Prospective applicants could also consider consulting one of the following books in advance:

Letters to a Law Student (4th ed., 2017) by NJ McBride;

What about Law? Studying Law at University (2nd ed., 2011) by C Barnard, J O'Sullivan, and G Virgo.

Applicants could also consult our Beyond the Syllabus page which provides a wndow to useful resources including Think Cambridge Law and My HE Plus.

These sources may help applicants gain a sense of whether the study of law is attractive to them, but it is not at all a requirement or expectation of the College that any applicant has studied law, or knows any law, at the time of applying, or of being interviewed.

Written work

We will not ask you to submit any written work as part of your application.

Admissions assessment

Applicants are required to take the LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law).The LNAT requires registration in advance at an authorised assessment centre. Registration and sitting of the assessment take place before the 15 October UCAS application deadline. 

Please see the LNAT website for details.

  • All undergraduate admissions interviews at Sidney Sussex for the 2024-25 admissions round will be held online. Further details regarding interview platform will follow.
  • Two interviews, both focused on Law. Applicants may be asked to read some provided material for about 30 minutes before one of the interviews.
Subject requirements
  • Learn about our standard entry requirements for Law on the University website.
  • Please note that offers are set on an individual basis using all of the information available to us in context of the entire field of applicants.
Beyond the syllabus

Are you excited to learn more about the subject by delving beyond the school syllabus? Explore our Beyond the syllabus resource hub to discover interesting websites, podcasts, videos, and books related to the subject you love!

Typical intake

5 - 7

Typical A-level offer


Typical IB offer

41-43 points overall, with 776 at Higher Level

Postgraduate Study

Sidney really welcomes applicants for the LL.M., MCL, and PhD. Our students for these graduate courses come from universities around the world with great success, and then move on, or back, to careers in practice or academia.

Sidney's provision for graduate students includes accommodation, meals, the College's own law library, and a supportive community in law and in the wider MCR.

At the University of Cambridge applications for postgraduate study are processed centrally by the Postgraduate Admissions Office. The application form and supporting documents are submitted electronically via their website and the online self-service system, though academic decisions on applications are made by the Faculty or Department.


There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Departments, Research Councils and central University funds. You can use the Postgraduate Admissions' Cambridge Funding Search to find out which type of funding you might be eligible for, and how and when to apply. They also operate a Postgraduate Funding Competition to co-ordinate some of these funding opportunities and make the process easier for you as an applicant.

To find information about the funds available for postgraduate students at Sidney, visit our Studentships and funding page.

Useful links

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Opportunities to work, travel, and study

The College is able to offer financial support for a number of student pursuits including:

  • Professional and research internships
  • Study awards
  • Vacation travel
  • Arts and music
  • Sport

While it will not be possible to provide support in all cases, current students are strongly encouraged to apply if they have a project which would benefit from financial support.

Discover more on our Opportunities to work, travel, and study page.