Our team of students can't wait to speak to you!

One of our greatest strengths is our alumni community - a network of inspirational, creative and curious people spanning generations and continents.

Thanks to the support of alumni and friends, Sidney has been able to widen participation with a dedicated outreach programme, support students in financial need, invest in extracurricular activities and a wellbeing programme to enable everyone in our community to flourish, and start building a sustainable future.

We're immensely grateful for this community, but we know that our work together doesn't stop here.

That's why between 11th – 25th September, a team of Sidney students will be calling alumni to to share news and updates from Sidney, talk about our fundraising priorities going forward, and invite you to contribute, alongside thanking our existing donors. The telephone campaign is also our opportunity to connect current and past generations of Sidney students, and our student callers are excited to learn from the experiences of our alumni since leaving Sidney.

To encourage our community to come together to support Sidney, Charles Pope, a fellow alumnus, has pledged to give an additional £100 for each of the first 100 new regular donations.

Whether or not you're able to support us financially at this time, we hope you will pick up the phone to speak to our students. All those who are called will receive an email or postcard beforehand with information about how to pre-schedule the call or opt-out, should you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I receive a call?

Everyone who is being called will receive a postcard or email from the College prior to the beginning of the telephone campaign. 

Who will call me?

Alumni will be called by a member of our team of thirteen undergraduate and postgraduate students, all of whom are very excited to talk to you. The names and subjects of our callers can be found below.

Can I opt out?

You can opt out at any time by contacting the Development and Alumni Relations Office at development@sid.cam.ac.uk. However, even if you are not in a position to make a donation we would still love to make contact with you to hear about your memories of Sidney and update you on College news. Our callers learn a lot from the diverse experiences of the alumni they talk to, and we really value your feedback on our fundraising priorities.

What if I don’t wish to donate? 

We understand that you may not be in a position to donate, however, we would still love to make contact with you to hear about your memories of Sidney and update you on College news. Our callers learn a lot from the diverse experiences of the alumni they talk to, and we really value your feedback on our fundraising priorities. Our students would be delighted to talk with you! 

How can I donate? 

Both one-time gifts and regular donations can be made directly over the phone or via our website. Alternatively, you can make a donation via the Charities Aid Foundation, or your company's payroll giving scheme. If you would like more information, or live abroad and would like information on tax-efficient giving, please get in touch with the Development and Alumni Relations Office at development@sid.cam.ac.uk.

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How will you protect my payment card data?

We use a dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) line to process your donation over the phone, which means that our student callers never hear or transcribe your card details. Once a donation has been agreed, the student who called you will transfer you to the donation line. You will be prompted to enter your card details using the keypad on your phone. This process uses DTMF masking, which suppresses the tones as they are keyed-in to ensure they cannot be decrypted. The donation is processed immediately and once completed, the Development and Alumni Relations Office will receive an email with details of the transaction.

What if I wish to donate, but don’t feel comfortable providing my details over the phone? 

The Development team is committed to protecting your data and privacy. We have invested in secure systems that allow for over the phone payment, but if you prefer you can also make your gift via our website. Please get in touch if you would like more information about other ways to donate. Further details about our data and privacy policy can be found here.

Will I be updated on how my donations are used? 

We love to share updates about the impact of your generosity. In January, all alumni will receive our next Impact of Giving Report that sets out how donations in the last financial year have been used and the difference that they have made to the College. We will also share updates about the amount raised by the Sidney community during the telephone campaign, and what your collective effort has achieved. And of course, you are always welcome to visit the College and see the impact of your gift for yourself! 

What if I change my mind about my donation?

You are entitled to a refund of your donation at any point; please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office directly for further information.

How will I know this isn’t a scam? 

Our callers will be introducing themselves as students from Sidney Sussex, and can send you a verification email confirming that they are calling from Sidney Sussex College. They will be calling from a Cambridge number (beginning 01223). If you would prefer not to make your gift over the phone, our callers can direct you to our website to make your gift. And of course, if you have any questions at all you are very welcome to contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office directly.

Are the students being paid to call me?  

We believe in fairly reimbursing our students for their time and experience. All callers are employed by Sidney Sussex College and paid £10.68 an hour; this remuneration is not tied to the amount each caller raises. However, 100% of your gift will go towards the fund that you choose to support. 

I really enjoyed my conversation with a student - is it appropriate for me to offer careers advice after our call and keep in touch?

Absolutely! We are very grateful to all our alumni for taking the time to share their experience with our students. We advise that alumni and students keep in touch via LinkedIn. You can also send a message to the student you talked to through the Development and Alumni Relations Office at development@sid.cam.ac.uk.

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